#1 Bruno Mars Party Theme Idea MUST Have At Any Event

No need for a top 10! There’s one idea that will complete any Bruno Mars party theme for birthdays, clubs and corporate events that most all would agree. Hiring the #1 Bruno Mars Look Alike / Impersonator!

The idea of a Bruno Mars Themed Party never really hit me until I got my very first gig ever. When I first started, I had in mind performing for corporate events, weddings, nightclub events and quinceañeras. Birthdays, yes of course that too, but themed around a celebrity I was impersonating never crossed my mind. Now, I love doing them.

I’ve written down a few Bruno themed event stories I’ve had the pleasure taking part in and I hope this can help give an idea of what I can do for your event to complete the Bruno Mars Party Themed idea you’re planning!

My First Themed Event (Birthday)

When I got my first gig request, it was for the birthday of a 3 year old girl named Layla. Her parents had been hiring impersonators for her birthday since she was born. The year prior they had Michael Jackson, this year it was planned for them to have a 24k Magic Party Theme and bringing “Bruno Mars” to perform was on the list. The coolest thing about this event was that on this day, it happened to fall on Bruno Mars birthday, which is October 8th. I thought that was an awesome coincidence and a sign!

When I arrived at the park, I met Layla’s parents and they introduced me to their daughter who was playing in the sandbox. When Layla looked at me she looked stunned. The parents told me she recognizes me because she knows Bruno Mars from TV and little by little, Layla began to get more comfortable around me. When it was time for me to perform I had music being played from a small, but powerful speaker and I performed the best I could, without having my wig at that time fall off! I worked on getting some of the little ones to start dancing with me and I had fun watching their parents film, laugh and enjoy themselves. After the performance we all sang happy birthday to Layla, I then took more pictures and videos with the guests and off I went.

24k magic party theme

My Second Themed Event (Corporate)

Sometimes when I get gigs, they tend to turn out a little different from what was originally described with the client. Take for instance this event. When I got the gig, they inquired about having me, a Los Angeles corporate event entertainer perform for their employees for a Costco New Years Party. Now, nothing odd or different about that request, but as soon as I was being introduced by the DJ, I made my entrance, then saw gold decorations all over and a BIG banner with a picture of Bruno Mars. This corporate event happened to be a Bruno Mars Party Theme and I apparently didn’t get the message. So when I walked in and saw the decorations, I was stunned and it made me feel more like the center of attention. While they sat back and had dinner, I performed the songs I was requested to do and before I knew it I was already finishing up my songs. Time had gone by fast! After the performance I took many pictures with the guests in the photo booth and with props too, which made it even more fun. That evening was definitely a surprise for me as I’m sure it was for them.

Bruno Mars Themed Party

My Third Themed Event (Nightclub)

This event by far has been the biggest Bruno Mars Party Theme event I’ve ever been a part of. When I was reached out by The Wit in Chicago, they let me know they’d be working with Lollapalooza for their after party, which was themed “A Bruno Mars Tribute Party”. This event would also be the first time I’d be performing at a nightclub and I was so very excited to take part in this event.

It was an interesting feeling when I arrived and saw that in my hotel room there was a flyer that had my image on it promoting the event! Everyone in the hotel would be seeing it and the thought was just mind blowing to me. This company went all out to promote this event as I could see it online, social media and I’m sure Lollapalooza concert goers would know about this specific after party in Chicago, so no doubt it would be packed.

While I made two sporadic appearances during the event that evening, performing 6 songs total and I noticed so many people singing along, dancing and partying with me, or with what most thought “partying with Bruno Mars”. The Wir definitely created the ultimate Bruno Mars Tribute Party and I’m thankful I was a party of such an awesome event. A night to remember for sure and I’m ready to do it again for any night club in any city whether New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or even international.

Bruno Mars Party Ideas

Final Thoughts

I’ve had plenty of other themed parties that have been revolved around Bruno Mars in some way, shape or form and I’ve always thought to myself “Does Bruno Mars know there are so many people out there who have birthdays, corporate events and even night clubs parties being revolved around him?”. Just like when I began, the thought of having an event revolved around a celebrity was never on my mind, but now that I know about themed events and have had my experience taking part in many, more so do I make sure the guests and audience feel like they’re in the presence of Bruno Mars to complete the theme.,


This image below is from a Bruno Mars Themed Birthday Party I performed at for a 2 year old, her friends and family. The youngest Bruno Mars fan I’ve performed for yet! The parents did a great job with all the decorations, especially with the silhouettes of Bruno Mars doing his dance poses on the cupcakes.

24k magic themed party

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