5 2024 New Years Eve Must When Hiring Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment ideas for corporate events, whether you’re in Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, Houston or San Francisco, good 2024 NYE themes and entertainment can be tough to come up with and find. More so, when all the great performers have already been booked months in advance! The New Years Eve of 2023 and 2024 I experienced many avoidable issues such as office employees from small and big corporate companies trying to book me for their parties in December. Unfortunately, I was already booked..months ahead of time.

If you’ve never booked a professional celeb look alike, impersonator and entertainer for a New Year’s Eve end of the year company party or want to get more insight on things you might not know when hiring entertainment, here are some tips to consider when planning a NYE event and even getting the performer you want guaranteed.

  1. Booking In Advance

This by far is the most important thing to consider. Booking great entertainment is no different from booking a great venue for a wedding. You know the venue always gets booked during wedding season, so you want to book as far in advance as possible to guarantee the spot. When looking for a celebrity impersonator for your New Years event, especially in peak season, it’s highly recommended you book in advance. (Special Note: The most popular celebrity look alikes and impersonators in the industry always get booked first by nightclubs, public city events, corporate events & Destination Management Companies (DMCs) far in advance). The worst thing to experience is planning an event where your #1 choice for entertainment is not available and now you have to resort to plan B, so always book ahead of time during holiday season.

2. Agencies And Talent Direct

Plain and simple, you could book direct with the talent or book through an agency. Now, where it does get tricky is finding the performer you’re looking for. Not all lookalike agencies have the performers you might be looking for, especially if the celebrity is not well known yet. And sometimes searching for websites of that celebrity lookalike can be nearly impossible to find.

When you do find the celebrity imitator you’re interested in at an agency, all communication is made through the agent. Some performers find it easier to have someone be the in between for them and the client, while others do not mind working with the client direct. When working with the agent, a contract is written up between you, the agency and the performer. Everything in the contract is laid out in plain and simple to read language from who pays for flights and hotel to point of contact details. In this situation, when there are any questions or concerns even regarding the performance itself, this is when the agent is the main point of contact, not the talent.

When working with the performer direct, corporate companies often save more money. Now, please note that every performer runs their business differently, but I can say most do not include the agency fee, which is added if working with the agent. The client also has the ability to keep in close communication with the performer so that if any last minute hiccups should occur, the performer could be notified in a timely manner. A contract is always written up before hand and questions or concerns are now between the client and talent. It’s always up to the client who they’d prefer to work with, but if the performer prefers you deal direct with the agency you’re being referred to, it’s best you deal with the agency.

3. Location Of Talent & Fees

The best entertainers in the impersonator and look alike industry come from all over the world. You can find the best NYE Performers in the United States, Canada, UK and Australia getting flown out periodically for corporate functions needing services from only the best! When looking for a specific tribute artist, do consider the location of the event and the location of your entertainer. While your NYE event might be in Chicago, your favorite Elvis Impersonator might be in Las Vegas, which could make things a little tricky, but easily solvable.

The majority of cities and states have either lots of the same celebrity impersonators, a few or sometimes none at all. When your local entertainment isn’t cutting it or there are none to be found, this is when corporate companies pay to have the best celebrity look alikes and impersonators in the world flown out to give their employees the performance of a life time. When booking a tribute act, flight, hotel, ground transportation and services will always reflect the quote provided to you, so don’t be surprised if it’s more than expected.

4. Talent Services And Options

Don’t know what a tribute impersonator can do for your event? Well, you should because the quote you’re given could depend on it! When working with event planners and coordinators, I’ve learned to ask, “what can I do to help make the event a spectacular one”, which also allows me to give companies the best rate possible when working direct. For what I do, people looking for New Year Entertainment want the whole package, which is a one hour appearance including a 3 song performance, meeting and greeting guests and providing photo and video opportunities. But, what if you just wanted the celebrity lookalike to just mix and mingle with guests or just wanted them to take pictures and videos with guests? Well, you could do just that! There are lots of options to choose from when hiring a celebrity look alike that can suit the needs of your event, just ask about the types of services offered! When it comes to the time also, whether it’s 15, 30, 45 minutes or an hour, you could even customize the time with your talent so it fits the budget for entertainment and suits the New Years party perfectly.

5, 2024 New Years Eve Entertainment

I can only imagine how it must feel like for an event coordinator or event planner to book talent who doesn’t have the energy to keep the crowd hyped, especially when celebrating the ending of one year and the start of another. One thing you don’t want your guests to do is start yawning when it’s barely 9:00 pm, so picking the right celebrity tribute artist is essential to your event. You want to book someone who has stamina and a character that keeps guests entertained. Keeping the energy alive is key and the perfect entertainer should be able to do just that so that your event is a lively and memorable one.

If you want great entertainment, you can’t go cheap. This is plain and simple. The greatest impersonators and lookalike entertainers get paid what they do because of what they can offer. If you are hesitant to hire a celebrity look alike because you’re not sure if you’re going to get your bang for your buck, look for reviews and see what others have to say about them.  If you can’t find them affiliated with an agency, don’t see a personal website, or social media, take that into consideration too.

Coming up with creative corporate event ideas helps with getting a general idea of what could be done for an awesome New Years Eve party, but for new year’s eve performances that make corporate events unforgettable, it starts with booking in advance.


New Years Eve 2024 is the party of all party and it’s something lots of event planners plan so far in advance that it still makes my mind boggle. It’s not just the entertainment aspect, it’s every little detail that comes with an event from light, music, security, food and drinks, permits and so on. Planning in advance in crucial and highly recommended if you ask me, Bruno Mars Look Alike / Impersonator. See you this New Years Eve 2024!

Here’s a little clip of me getting ready to get the crowd singing 24k Magic at an event. A little sample for those looking for only the best 2024 New Years Eve Performers at your event. Enjoy!



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