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As a celebrity lookalike and impersonator of Bruno Mars, Johnny has had the unique privilege in creating memorable corporate events experiences that leave lasting impressions on audiences who attend. To help guide as how a Celebrity Impersonator of Bruno Mars can assist in creating these one of a kind moments, below are five top corporate event ideas that can help elevate your next event!

  • Charity Fundraiser: Johnny Rico can help create promotional materials, such as videos or social media posts and highlighting his involvement at charitable fundraisers. Watch Johnny Rico draw attention and excitement as he captures the attention needed for any event as Bruno Mars. People are often drawn to celebrity figures and enjoy the experience of being in the presence of someone who resembles a famous artist, so the presence of an impersonator at a Charity Fundraiser can create a buzz and attract more attendees that ever expected.

corporate event ideas

  • Red Carpet Gala: Johnny can join any glamorous red carpet gala event that emulates the glitz and glamour any award shows. As a celebrity impersonator, Johnny can welcome attendees, pose for photos, and create an atmosphere of star-studded elegance, incorporating Bruno Mars’ music into the event’s to add a touch of musical brilliance.

company events ideas

  • Interactive Music Workshop: Johnny Rico can offer a team-building experience where he combines his, dancing and musical expertise with corporate training. Watch him conduct an interactive performance workshop where participants learn to sing, dance, and perform like Bruno Mars. This hands-on experience promotes teamwork, boosts confidence, and encourages creativity within any corporate setting.

company event ideas

  • Awards Galas: Johnny as Bruno Mars Look Alike bring the glitz and glamour of a red-carpet event to corporate award galas anytime of the year. He performs live as Bruno Mars, delivering a high-energy musical performance to kick off the any ceremony and entertain attendees throughout the night. His presence will will create a memorable experience for the award recipients and guests.

Corporate Event Entertainment

  • Holiday Parties: Watch Johnny Rico as Bruno Mars Impersonator bring the holiday funk to any corporate gatherings by offering a Bruno Mars experience to the holiday party. He performs a mix of Bruno Mars’ hit songs to create a festive atmosphere and a lively performance that will get everyone on their feet, dancing, and spreading joy during the holiday season.

Corporate Party Ideas

Johnny incorporates his unique talents and the spirit of Bruno Mars into corporate events and has the potential to create extraordinary experiences for clients and their guests, whether awards galas and product launches to company anniversaries, team-building events, and holiday parties, the possibilities are endless. This Bruno Mars Impersonator will showcase his expertise and highlight the ways in which he can can enhance any corporate event.

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