Youtube & TikTok Videos

Since 2017, Johnny Rico as Bruno Mars has received many requests as a celebrity look alike and impersonator for Youtube Videos and TikToks from top content creators and channels such as, Jake Paul, Vice, Airrack, Good Mythical Morning Alpharad and many more.

For consideration for your next Youtube Viral Video, please send a detailed information for your request.

Check Out Some Of My Most Favorite Youtubers Out Now!

Vice:  Made popular from the Vice Series “One Star Reviews”, Taji Ameen follows Johnny Rico to learn how to master being a look alike and impersonator, while in Las Vegas.

Alpharad:  Jacob Rabon AKA Alpharad  gets Bruno Mars Tribute Johnny Rico to sing the National Anthem for his Cup Pong Invitational.

Airrack: Eric Decker AKA Airrack hires Johnny Rico As Bruno Mars to come down to Rodeo Drive In Beverly Hills to surprise strangers.


He was shook 💀 #fyp

♬ Treasure#1 – Bruno Mars

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