Below are some of the most frequently asked questions I’ve been asked over the years for small to big events.

Can you describe what to expect when booking you for entertainment?

Most every booking is for an hour. I usually come into the event being introduced before I come out and perform with live vocals, never lip syncing. Depending on the space for entertaining and whether or not I have a wireless mic, I either perform on stage or perform on stage and come down to also engage with the crowd. After the last song, everyone wants to start taking pictures and videos for their social media. Depending how long that lasts (because of the amount of guests at the event), I may mix & mingle with the crowd, throw in another song or even dance with the crowd when the DJ’s are around ­čÖé I am also always open for special requests.

Is your performance family-friendly or geared towards a specific age group?

Both! To put it simple, if I get book a kids event, you get every song radio friendly. Every other event is performed with the original lyrics, unless requested not to. I am open to both!

Will you need any assistance in setting up your performance area?

Yes. If you’re looking for a live vocal performance, I would need a microphone (preferably wireless), speakers or a PA system and a way to play the music! Think of a DJ set up with a wireless mic. I send the music to you or the DJ in downloadable .mp3 files. I never travel with equipment.

Will you need any assistance or accommodations from the event organizer, such as a green room or dressing area?

Yes. I always arrive a little earlier to warm up and usually need someone to sneak me into the event so nobody see’s me.

Are there any additional travel costs or accommodation needs for out-of-town events?

Yes. To start, I am based out of Los Angeles, California. Every quote for an out of town or state performance comes with an all inclusive quote, which means it includes hotel, airfare and ground transportation.

Do you have any videos of your past performances that I can see?

Feel free to check out my videos in the link below. https://www.youtube.com/@JohnnyRicoAsBrunoMars

Do you require any special provisions like food, beverages, or breaks during the event?

Just water & breaks, yes. Sometimes right after the performance for a minute or two to catch my breath!

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