Lacoste X Ricky Regal – Bruno Mars’s First Clothing

Bruno Mars teaming up with Lacoste to create Ricky Regal is by far one of my most favorite moments in his career. To be given the green light and have the ability to create whatever you want is such a risky move for any company to offer any designer, but then again you’re dealing with Bruno Mars. His numbers speak for themselves, whether it’s records sales, online views or concert ticket sales.

This first clothing line really connects with me personally because I simply have always loved the 70’s era. I kinda laughed out loud when I saw the first picture below, which shows him in a red track suit get up with a background that looks like it was shot at funky ’70s retro bar Davey Wayne’s in Hollywood, CA. The reason I laughed was because it almost felt like he was copying me. Yes, I am a look alike of Bruno Mars and wear his outfits for performances, but it’s a very different and weird feeling when unintentionally he creates a clothing line that almost feels like it was made specifically for you. When I told my family about it, my mom even said, “He probably sent out spies, those are the type of clothes you wear.

Ricky Regal Bruno Mars

He quoted, “I wanted it to feel like, whoever that person is wearing it, they’re the coolest guy at the party. They’re not trying too hard. It just flows and feels right.” For me, that why I love the style and always have loved that 70’s inspired look. The classics never die. So, I decided I’d book an appointment for this Friday, March 5th at the Lacoste Store In Melrose to get early access to Ricky Regal and I can honestly tell you I am very nervous to go. It’s very hard to explain why I get nervous, but if you’re a look alike of a celebrity that is alive, I am sure you understand.

Lacoste Ricky Regal

My hope is that they don’t sell out of the things I want to get! Seeing all the promotional shots for Ricky Regal makes me want to buy everything. One of the things I hope is in the line are sunglasses. I have been very lucky enough to own a lot of sunglasses Bruno Mars wears, such as my favorite recently purchased, the Uptown Funk sunglasses, so naturally anything having to do with sunglasses and Bruno Mars is right up my alley. The other items I want to purchase, which I hope is still available is the red track suit. Not only is it such a classic look and great for wearing at a party, but if someone wants to battle me on the dance floor, I’m READY!

I love this whole Ricky Regal concept. Seeing Bruno Mars being able to channel his creativity through clothing really shows he is a creator with no limitations. If you’re not familiar with SelvaRey Rum, it’s a Rum Line that Bruno Mars is a co-owner of. Hear about him teaming up with Disney for an up coming music film? Again and again, Bruno Mars shows there are no limitations to what a singer, songwriter, record producer can do and I am very happy for him to see and experience his creations come to life.

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