Top 5 Most Iconic Fashion Choices Made By Bruno Mars

When it comes to music and high fashion, Bruno Mars has emerged as a revered figure, captivating audiences not only with his extraordinary talent but also with his unforgettable fashion choices. From his mesmerizing stage performances to prestigious award shows, Bruno Mars’s wardrobe selections have transcended mere garments, becoming iconic symbols of his unique style and leaving an indelible mark on the fashion world. In this blog, we will embark on an exploration of his fashion legacy, delving into the realm of timeless elegance and exceptional taste. Along our journey, we encounter legendary fashion houses and renowned designers who have collaborated with Mars, such as Versace and Gucci, lending their exquisite craftsmanship to his captivating ensembles. 

Hollywood Reporter – December 27, 2013 – Avanti Hawaii

As a native of Hawaii, Bruno Mars effortlessly and proudly showcases the vibrant prints that represent the beauty of his homeland. For over a decade, he can be seen embracing various Hawaiian style Aloha shirts, becoming a true fashion icon. One of the most popular prints he has been seen wearing online is this colorful Palm Navy Hawaiian Shirt created by Avanti Hawaii, a renowned brand. This captivating shirt captures the essence of Bruno Mars’ unique style and is a timeless piece that is still currently available and that pays homage to his Hawaiian roots in a classy and fashionable way.

bruno mars avanti mens hawaiian shirt

Bruno Mars 50th Super Bowl – February 7, 2016 – Versace

You know you’ve got special talent when you can have Donatella Versace herself customize an ensemble for you, showcasing Medusa gold buttons with gold Greek meandros patterns and completed with Nike’s also a Greek symbols and represents the Winged Goddess Of Victory and vintage gold round Jean Paul Gaultier sunglasses.” When asked to Donatella Versace in 2016 by Billboard, What’s your favorite Versace look that he’s worn? She responded. “As well as his Super Bowl look, I think my favorite was the silk shirt he wore to the most recent VMAs, where he won for Uptown Funk.” The shirt she is referring to also happened to be a Versace shirt 😀

Bruno Mars 2016 Super Bowl

Bruno Mars 60th Grammy Awards, Maison Margiela – January 28th, 2018 – Maison Margiela

Bruno Mars made an unforgettable style statement at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards held on January 28th in New York. Adorned in a resplendent red sequined Harrington jacket sourced from the esteemed Spring-Summer 2018 Men’s Collection by Maison Margiela. Bruno Mars exuded sophistication and glamor and captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders alike with not only his fashion, but his remarkable achievements that evening where he garnered several prestigious Grammy Awards, including Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Best R&B Song, Best R&B Album, and Best R&B Performance

Bruno Mars Maison Margiela 2018 Grammy Jacket

Bruno Mars 60th Grammy Awards – January 28th, 2018 – Cross Colours

While he won 7 Grammy Awards that evening, Bruno Mars also  was able to perform a 90’s inspired performance featuring Cardi B with a song on his 24K Magic album called, “Finesse”. During the performance, Bruno Mars can be seen sporting the iconic and legendary Los Angeles clothing brand Cross Colours.

Bruno Mars Cross Colours

Bruno Mars Promotional Shots – 2022 – Gucci

When Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak came together to form the music group Silk Sonic with a 60’s & 70’s style, it brought back a vintage vibe that everyone wanted to experience. Bruno Mars collaborated with Lacoste to create a classic clothing style that perfectly complemented their music. Additionally, both Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak were often seen wearing custom vintage-inspired outfits from Gucci, adding a touch of retro charm to their performances. Their collaboration not only captivated audiences with their timeless music but also inspired a renewed interest in the fashion of that era.

Bruno Mars Gucci

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