What Happened To Bruno Mars?

Surprisingly, there are thousands of searches on Google and other search engines receiving the question, what happened to Bruno Mars?. If you’ve been living in mars the past 7 years and don’t know what happened to Bruno Mars, he hasn’t gone anywhere! Since his first solo single release back in 2010, Bruno Mars has been skyrocketing and still working his way to the top.

Currently, Bruno Mars is on an 86 date world tour, which started March 28th 2017 in Antwerp, Belgium and scheduled to end July 14th 2018 in London, England. Within the 86 dates, Bruno Mars is doing an astounding 164 shows in total! To add this this impressive amount of performances, in 2017 he made history by becoming the first artist since Beyoncé to sell out 4 concerts in one day at New Zealand’s Spark Arena.

what happened to Bruno Mars

Is you’re still asking, “What happened to Bruno Mars?”, in less than a year he’s already released 3 singles within a year, 24k Magic, That’s What I Like and Versace On The Floor. To add to that, in 2017 Bruno Mars was recognized by The Guinness World Records for being the “First Male Artist to achieve three 10-million-selling-singles”.

In my honest opinion, I really don’t think the question of what happened to him will ever be relevant. I believe Bruno Mars is just finishing scratching the surface and at 32 years old, this guy is just getting started. Don’t believe me just watch!

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