A Celebrity Impersonators New York Manhattan Experience

For me, celebrity impersonator & Bruno Mars Tribute Johnny Rico, going to any city in the US for any event is exciting, especially when you’re visiting big cities like Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York for the very first time. As a Bruno Mars Look Alike and Impersonator, I’ve been blessed to be able to travel and perform to the best of my abilities and to leave smiles for my clients family, friends and guests. Traveling is one of the perks I love about being a top rated celebrity impersonator and look alike and I knew this trip would be filled with adventures especially coming from a big city myself, Los Angeles,California. Adventures for me just like this one can start as easy as a client searching for celebrity impersonators nyc to try and find their favorite imitators. I don’t know how the recent client found me, but glad she did because her daughter was going to have a Bruno Mars Experience she would never forget.

I was asked to fly out to New York by parents to perform for their daughters amazing la di da di sweet 16 at a wedding reception and banquet hall called El Caribe, which is in Brooklyn. I can tell you right now, although traveling is a perk as mentioned before, if you don’t like flying, it can be a gig you can dread. I’ve been trying to get used to flying and still working on it! I actually decided to get window seat to force myself to look outside and start to face my fear. I’ve been doing good so far and this trip proved it.

nyc impersonator manhattan bruno mars look alike

When we landed in La Guardia, I went straight to grab an Uber to get to the hotel in Manhattan. One of my friends reminded me “people drive differently than we do here in LA.”. I did take that into consideration, but when my driver arrived, I saw no signs of it being nothing but a good, easy ride. At least that’s what it look like, until 30 minutes into the ride someone decided to cut my driver off. The driver then started cussing and grabbed a can of coke and launched it towards the other car. The other upset driver comes along side of us and spits on the car and drives away as we make our left turn. I couldn’t help it but laugh at what I just experienced. Yes, I can definitely say it was something I was warned about and my friend was right, but honestly I just didn’t think this well dressed, easy speaking man would flip!

When I arrived at the hotel I put my stuff away and went straight to grab a pizza. I found a spot two blocks away from the hotel just walking around aimlessly called Patzeria Perfect Pizza. I grabbed myself a pineapple and pepperoni pizza and it disappeared in 2 minutes. That pizza was GOOD! One of my friends let me know “it doesn’t matter what pizza spot you go to, just grab a New York pizza and you’ll taste the difference, and it’s all in the water.” Well, when I tasted that pizza, I couldn’t put my finger on it, was it their ingredients? Did I just happen to come to a special pizza spot? Either way, that pizza was very different from any other pizza I have ever had in my entire life. As I asked for another pizza, a gentleman who worked there and had been whispering while I ate says to me “you know who you look like right?”. I simply said, “yes, but shhh.” I grabbed that other pizza and simply took my time to enjoy it, all while others started to come in and have this wonder and confusion on their face, like not knowing whether or not they are looking at Bruno Mars scarfing down a pizza at some random pizza spot. After feeling fatty, I decided to take a walk and what a walk it was.

celebrity look alike new york manhattan bruno mars tribute

I decided to head back and rest for the evening after walking around Time Square and the surrounding streets. The next morning I decided to broadcast live on my Instagram @brunomarsimpersonator my daytime experience in Manhattan and followers got to see the live musicians, dancers, artists and amazing historical sites New York has to offer. After the morning / afternoon session, I got more pizza and headed back to the hotel to rest because later that evening the event would be taking place.

When I arrived at the banquet hall / wedding reception venue in Brooklyn, I was complimented for my exact look to Bruno by the mother and the other attendants and like in star fashion, I was whisked away to a private room to wait in until it was time for me to perform. This is sometimes where nerves start to arise, but as always when you’re about to be called to come to perform, you now have your mic in hand, starting to be introduced on stage by the MC, your music then comes on, you now come on stage, all nerves goes away. It’s a magical thing. I performed my songs and had the crowd dancing until the very end. It was a very fun and energetic group for sure.

After my performance, I went back to Manhattan and on the way I noticed the drivers who took me to and from my gig had been quite and I had no issues with the drivers. So, maybe all the crazy driving was just that one guy who picked me up from the airport or maybe not… I still had one more driver whose supposed to take me to the airport the next morning.

After I got dropped off I decided to grab a drink at Iron Bar and Lounge, get more pizza and go back to the hotel to knock out. I wanted to add something awesome about Iron Bar and Lounge. EVERYONE who worked there gave me the most love I’ve seen in such a long time from the bartenders, Dj and even bathroom attendant. Thank you guys and gals!

The next morning I packed up my things and started to head out to he airport by a safe driver to add to go back to LA. Although a short three day stay, I got to experience a lot of New York, Manhattan and know I’ll be heading back again to see a lot of the other things I missed, especially the clubs in NYC. This is where I’d love to be able to perform the most!

celeb lookalike manhattan nyc

For clients searching celebrity impersonator New York , you’re at the right place, at the right time. Add some Bruno Mars finesse to club parties, corporate events, a birthday party, wedding or even company party! Go ahead, book today and let me leave an everlasting impression to all your family, friends and guests! Contact Here

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all those who have allowed me to come to events in your city and state to perform. Having the opportunity to come to big cities like New York and perform are always a treat and an amazing experience I never take for granted.

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