Airrack – Filming A Youtube Video On Rodeo Drive With Eric Decker

Airrack Eric Decker

As the years have gone by, I’ve seem to have been getting an influx of requests from Youtubers, Tiktokers & many others for online video content. Some have been denied, while others, like Jake Paul I can say I’ve worked with. I know there are plenty of other big Youtubers, Influencers, Instagramers and TicTok stars that I have yet to meet and work with, but I do hope to in the near future.

In 2022, I was fortunate to work with a big Youtuber named Erick Decker, also knows as Airrack.  Airrack is a popular Youtube sensation and influencer who during the Covid 19  pandemic, took off on Youtube like no other. Now, before getting this gig and meeting him, just like how many other famous people do it, there is a middle man to communicate with, whether an agent, a manager or friend. This middle man reached out to me via Instagram DM’s. And just like any other request, I had him send me more information so I could provide a quote for the skit being requested.

I posted on Instagram I was going to be filming in Beverly Hills with an Instagramer that day and a Lux Uber Driver who I met before in Los Angeles, reached out to me & told me he could drive me there for free! And he did.

The idea was to go down to Rodeo Drive In Beverly Hills and have Eric ask certain questions as people walking down the street such as who their favorite musical act was, or favorite singer & if they said Bruno Mars, I would come out and bust out singing a song. Now, Eric was really good at adding a type of hypnotic suggestion that led people to say Bruno Mars, so that I could come out and sing, so that made this project easier and fun. Some people did reject his offer of, but at the end, most everyone said Bruno Mars and loved it.


He was shook 💀 #fyp

♬ Treasure#1 – Bruno Mars

While he did create a “short video” of this project in the 90210 area in 2022, I do hope he posts the full video someday, because many other smiles had been captured that day and I wish people could see that.

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