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Looking for top corporate entertainment Chicago !? Planning a sweet 16, wedding reception, birthday or 2024 NYE? Hire celebrity look alike Johnny Rico As Bruno Mars and get the party started! For over a year, Johnny Rico has been the premier Bruno Mars Look Alike and Impersonator in Los Angeles and has grown to nationwide status.

First Time In Chicago

When I first was first asked to come to Chicago, a lady looking for Celebrity Look Alikes Chicago online reached out to ask if I was available able to come to DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel’s popular The Wit to perform for her husbands birthday party. She had sent a video of both of them at a Bruno Mars Concert where he was dancing and singing along with the music and obviously excited to be there. It would be the first time I’d be coming to Chicago to perform as well as in a nightclub environment. When I arrived at the airport I got a ride to the hotel where I immediately put my things away and went out to grab coffee. As I walked out of the hotel, the lady who booked me called and said, “Hey, Where are you?”. I let her know I just arrived and went out to grab coffee, when she let me know, “You’ve been spotted!”. I didn’t realize some of the people at the party would be stating at the same location I would be. She told me a few even tried to chase after me, which I thought was hilarious. Keep in mind, I’m in my normal clothing as my normal self getting coffee.

Later that evening I started to lay out the clothes I’d be performing in. During this time I try to really get into party mode. To me, there’s more than just singing and dancing a song when you’re impersonating someone. You’ve really got to feel it and be in that persons shoes, whether it’s a small or big audience. So, after I finished getting ready I got asked to come up to The Roof via secret passageways (just like the real deal celebrities). After sound check, I came back downstairs to warm up a bit more, then was asked to go  back upstairs to make my grand entrance. As I am waiting near the kitchen area, I begin to hear the music, so I start to come out to a crowd who already excited for the performance and I just knew they’d love the show! I get on stage and so does the birthday boy! He’s got an awesome Versace shirt on, knows the lyrics and knows the moves. I can’t help but smile watching him perform along with me. After OUR performance, I stayed to take pictures and videos and called it a night. It wouldn’t be the last time for me to be in Chicago.

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Second Time In Chicago

My second time in Chicago, I was asked by Roof On The Wit, a night club in Chicago named “One of the Top 3 Rooftop Bars In the World” by Travel + Leisure to perform for the 2018 Lollapalooza Chicago Afterparty for the Bruno Mars Tribute event with DJ Flipside on the turntables. This would by far the biggest corporate event entertainment Chicago gig I’ve ever had. When I arrived to Chicago this time, I was greeted by a driver holding a sign with my name on it and walked over to a luxury SUV and taken to the hotel. After checking in I decided to order food and watch the city from my room for a little while before deciding to check out the city.

On the day of the event, in a very similar fashion that I had with my performance just months back, they did my sound check and back down I went to my room via secret passageways. When it was time for me to perform, the lady who booked me met me to take me upstairs. As we walked a few steps down from my room a door opened up where I stunned a group of 20 year olds who didn’t expect to see me at all and had just went to Lollapalooza and saw Bruno Mars perform the day previously. They went CRAZY and assumed I was Bruno. They excitedly ask if I could quickly take pictures with them and did. I then went upstairs to wait for my cue. As I hear the music come on, I got excited and gave that audience the best performance I could give all without falling off a high and thin platform I was on.  I performed 6 songs, which included 24k Magic, Perm, Chunky, Treasure, Uptown Funk and That’s What I Like.

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Bruno Mars Tribute Lollapalooza 2018 At Roof On The Wit Chicago

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