Wanna See Where Bruno Mars Made The 24k Magic Album?

One afternoon, I was driving around my city, which Is located in Burbank, California and thinking about what kind of cool places I could show Bruno Mars fans from around the world that most people don’t really get to check out because of distance or simply aren’t aware of. For those who don’t know about Burbank, to give you a brief summary of the area, it’s known as the media capital of the world and headquarter of some of the biggest film and music production facilities and companies such as; NBC, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros.

During my drive I thought to myself “Bruno must have recorded his album somewhere here in Los Angeles if he lives here now”. So I stopped my car and looked up on Wikipedia information about the 24k album. Lo and behold I see Bruno Mars Latest record “24k Magic” was produced in my city! The recording studio is called Glenwood Place Recording Studios.

I called and ask if I could film inside for 30 seconds to give Bruno Mars fans a touch of where Bruno created his masterpiece, but due to the exclusivity of the recording studio, the studio manager Kit Rebhun would not allow it. I went ahead and recorded a video of the front premises to give you at least a glimpse of the studio.

Glenwood Recording Studios

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