3 Very Cool Bruno Mars Versace And Song Facts (YouTube Video Included)

YouTube Bruno Mars Versace On The Floor

Straight from the 24k Magic Album, Versace On The Floor currently has 206 Million YouTube Views (at the time of this article), is certified platinum and has been given positive reviews by many music critics. This song is by far one of the sexiest songs ever created by Bruno Mars, visually as well. If you haven’t heard this track, the best way to describe it would be that it resembles an early 90’s slow sexy jam that is reminiscent to something Boys 2 Men would have created .

Now, while most see Bruno talking about Versace and rocking the clothing all over his 24k Magic album, what most people don’t realize is prior to Versace On The Floor or the album, Bruno Mars was already rocking the luxurious brand! If you’re brand new to this fact and want insight into one of his sexiest tracks, check out below and enjoy!

1. Looking Your Flyest Is Key To Creating Versace On The Floor

While most people forget why you have to dress up when you go to specific types of jobs, some people are very aware of how it can affect ones work and take full advantage of it. Case in point, Bruno Mars. In 2017, Bruno sat down with Charlie Rose for an interview. Charlie asked “What’s the imagery when you where writing Versace?” There was a slight pause, then Bruno says jokingly, “You sure I can talk about that on TV?, to which Charlie Rose replies with laugher, ” Yes You Can”. Bruno Mars then says, “ You know, sometimes you get into the habit of going to the studio and you start losing yourself and you don’t care, your hair is looking crazy, you’re wearing sweatpants and sometimes that affects the way you feel creatively. So I said alright, from now on we’re coming into the studio and we’re coming in hot. You gotta put the best thing you got on. And, you know, we’re gonna have a challenge of who could be the flyest to come to the studio. So we started, I actually wore Versace, the day I put on this Versace brand new jacket I got and it just made..it made me feel like I was fancy, it made me feel like I wanted to have some silky Versace sex!”

bruno versace on the floor

2. The Versace Seal Of Approval

While Bruno Mars is no stranger to the Gianni Versace clothing line as proven in 2015 when he picked up the Best Male Video at the MTV VMAs for Uptown Funk, Bruno seems to have the seal of approval by the one and only Donatella Versace. In an interview by Billboard with Donatella Versace, she mentions not only creating the famous Leather Baseball Jersey inspired outfit worn by Bruno Mars for his halftime performance for Super Bowl 50, but also mentions their history. She says “I fell in love with Bruno when I saw him perform at the Met Gala (in 2012). He is like an explosion on the stage, so energetic and so totally natural. Bruno is everything that I love — a genius whose talent is innate, so strong that he can’t keep it in. It’s like he has to perform, and it is a pleasure for me to see him do so in Versace.”  Bruno Mars can also be spotted wearing Versace throughout the 24k Magic Album promotional images. Below are both Donatella and Bruno. Bruno Mars is rocking an awesome Versace Outfit in this picture.

bruno mars and donatella versace

3. Who Are Shampoo Press & Curl?

To start, Shampoo Press & Curl are the producers of the amazing song “Versace On The Floor”. Now, if you’re familiar with The Smeezingtons, (producers of hit songs like Just the Way You Are, Grenade, Locked Out of Heaven and When I Was Your Man) Shampoo Press & Curl is half of that. The Smeezingtons included Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence And Ari Levine. This trio has produced the most legendary songs performed by Bruno Mars hands down. Their music to date is still being played constantly on the radio after so many years and has the ability to stay relevant and on high on demand by fans year after year, something not that many artists today can do.

Shampoo Press & Curl include oldies but goodies Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence and to add to the new mix, Christopher Brody Brown. Now if you like their production of Versace On The Floor, you’ll probably like their others hits like 24k Magic, Chunky, Perm, That’s What I Like, Straight Up & Down, Calling All My Lovelies, Finesse and Too Good To Say Goodbye, which is actually the complete 24k Magic Album.

Shampoo Press & Curl

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