Celebrity Look Alike Party Ideas

celebrity look alike party ideas

Working as a celebrity lookalike, I’ve been part of many unique party themes in which I never thought I would be involved in, but with cleaver event planning and coordination, party events that I’ve been including in have been the most memorable for me and for my clients.

With time, I’ve been able to see how my character “Bruno Mars” can be involved in so many types of events and the celebrity look alike party ideas are endless! Here are several party ideas in which you can use a Bruno Mars Look Alike to create a unique experience your guests won’t ever forget!

Corporate Parties: When it comes to corporate event entertainment planning, I noticed nobody ever considered a Bruno Mars Impersonator at their corporate events and that’s simply because they never knew one existed! When I did my first event, I remember someone telling me afterwards, “Finally, some entertainment that didn’t put me to sleep!” I really didn’t get what he meant until way later.

Within a year of me providing corporate entertainment Los Angeles residents never saw before, I would hear that people helped suggest me to their event planners. I would hear that their company planners had been stuck in the past, hiring classic characters and impersonators year after year for corporate parties and for employees that are mostly in their 30’s and 40’s! So to switch it up and add relevant entertainment, they suggested me. So in a nutshell, I help corporate events stay fun and fresh not only because of relevancy, but because I can keep the room energized, pumped 💪🏽 , entertained and have guests even singalong as I perform.

Weddings Parties: Here’s an example of me not even thinking people would want to have a lookalike or impersonator and their weddings, but here I stand corrected. Global searches show that there are thousands of brides and grooms asking search engines, “How Much For Bruno Mars To Sing At My Wedding”. With this fact alone, it showed me there is interest in having Bruno Mars sing at weddings, but a look alike?

What most wedding planners, brides and grooms have in common is that they tell me they hired me because I was next best thing to Bruno (which I take as a big compliment). They plan their ideas in advance just as if Bruno Mars was really going to be at the event, then they hire me to execute! Whether using me for the ceremony or wedding reception, wedding event planners, brides and grooms have found creative ways in using my impersonation of Bruno in a way that doesn’t make one of the most memorable moments of anybody’s life a cheesy moment, but a high end and classy moment, all while I am dripping in finesse and performing as Bruno Mars.

Birthday Parties: Since the start of the look alike business, birthdays by far are the most recognized for hiring a celebrity lookalike or celebrity impersonator. Some birthday party planners take it a step further and work the event around a celebrity their client loves and either have popular colored accents in their decorations that remind guests of the artists (like purple for Prince or Gold for a Bruno Mars 24k Magic themed party) or give it an all out celebrity birthday theme where the artists face is on everything from the cake to the napkins and plates. And let’s not forget the life size cardboard cut out!

To add the cherry on top at these types of events, a birthday party impersonator (me 😉) is contacted and a plan is carefully created to give the ultimate surprise at the birthday. I’m happy to say I’ve been a part of plenty of these types of surprises and I can honesty tell you I still even get surprised. It’s hard to explain that feeling, but the best way to explain it is that their happiness and excitement gives me happiness and excitement and we feed off of each other making an infinite loop of joy.

Nightclub Parties: The hottest nightclub party scenes in Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, Miami And Las Vegas all have something in common. These are cities in which celebrities from all over the world frequent to party at the hottest nightclubs. Guests at these events often can see their idols sitting around a table or in a booth, behind a red velvet rope with their entourage and all having fun and partying it up. Nightclub events with celebrities tend to get a little bit crazy because guests don’t often get to be in the same room as their idols, let alone party with them. So with that excitement, it makes the evening more fun and memorable for everyone such as the club owner, the bar, the Dj and the guests. It’s a win win!

Want a great nightclub party idea? Easy! Hiring the right celeb lookalike can make your nightclub experience just as fun whether you’re having a bachelor or bachelorette party, celebrating a birthday or even if you’re a dance club looking for one of a kind entertainment. With my impersonation and Bruno look, you’re bound to have everyone at the club thinking you’re partying with the real Bruno Mars. And when I say party, yes, I do dance with you all because I LOVE IT🕺🏽.

Quinceanera Parties: Quinceañera themes are wide in range and can differ from country to country. Certain ethnicity’s within the Hispanic community even have their own version of how a quince is celebrated, but they all have something in common, entertainment!

Quince planning for parties have changed over the last 25 years and there is always someone out there trying to outdo the other. I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of some of those types of big sweet 15 birthday parties in which I was the main attraction. When the birthday girl is a huge fan of Bruno Mars and she see’s me make my entrance, the shock factor is seen on her face. Most times you’ll even see tears of joy even before I start my performance, making an already special moment even greater. By giving your Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister, Cousin or Niece a unique experience with an impersonator / lookalike of a celebrity they love, you’re bound to make the evening a very memorable one. If you’re looking to add unique entertainment to any of the quinceanera themes 2023 has to offer, I’m your guy.

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