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Quinceañera themes in 2019 are looking to change the way a sweet fifteen party should look like and many have hired me to get their parties started! Whether it’s a Beach, Cinderella, Hollywood, Masquerade, Glow or Fairytale themed Quinceanera, adding a bit of 24k Magic can be the best way to get everyone out on the dance floor and start the night with a bang!

Being American of Mexican decent, I understand how important a Quinceañera is. Traditionally, when we see the transition from childhood to young womanhood being celebrated during a Quinceanera or “Quince”, what we’re seeing are these young women being honored and introduced into their community as young women. While many have kept with the original traditions of a sweet 15, more contemporary festivities have added their modern twists. Depending on what part of the world you’re celebrating a Quince, might also depend on how your event might turn out.

I’ve had my fair share of going to Quinceaneras, so I know more or less what to expect when going to one and most have been similar. When I got my very first Quinceanera Entertainment gig, I had no idea what to expect! All I had was a location, date and time. I was asked if I could wear the famous 24k Magic outfit for the event and I was also requested to sing 24k Magic, Treasure and Just The Way You Are. The mother of the birthday girl, who hired me for the gig, knew her daughter loved Bruno Mars and I could tell she was really excited to show her daughter who she hired through the messages being sent to me from her. The evening of the event when I arrived to meet the mother, I felt the exact same excitement exuding from her as I felt in her messages. She really couldn’t wait to show her daughter the surprise she got for her.

Just like most events, before I’m about to perform I get placed in an area where nobody can see me, a private room or “green room” so guests don’t see the surprise. This is usually the time when I am focusing on my breathing and doing light vocal exercises. At this event, which is being held at a luxurious hall, I am being asked to wait just outside the doors of where the event is taking place because I’ve arrived at the time requested, which made it perfect for the quinceañera planner to get me out at the exact time I need to perform. I can hear the dance music being played and the crowd having fun. Within a few minutes, I’m already given a mic, then I hear my cue, “Tonight, I just want to take you higher, Throw your hands up in the sky, Let’s set this party off right“. It’s the intro to 24k Magic, Bruno Mars Single from his 24k Magic Album. As the intro is being played, the doors open up and I walk down the long isle towards the birthday girl and sang my song. As I did, she just had a surprised and stunned look on her face! Her friends had to come up to her to get her to move around and dance while I performed for her and the guests. I sang Uptown Funk afterwards and I noticed she started to loosen up a bit.

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The last song I performed was Just The Way You Are. As the music played, her family and friends came to the dance floor, while I sang just for her. Everyone started to join in with me singing the song, which was beautiful to experience and see how that was all making the birthday girl smile. As I was finishing the last lines of the song, which are, “When I see your face, There’s not a thing that I would change, ‘Cause you’re amazing, Just the way you are. And when you smile. The whole world stops and stares for a while,’Cause, girl, you’re amazing Just the way you are” I noticed she started to cry out of excitement. It was such a touching moment for me and for her and definitely an experience I’ll never forget.

I’m thankful I was considered when the client was quince planning and happy I was able to make her, her guests and most importantly her daughter happy. If you’re looking for quinceanera ideas for entertainment and live in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, San Antonio, Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, San Diego or Miami, celebrity impersonator Johnny Rico is available to provide top notch performances to get your sweet fifteen party started.


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