Top 5 Most Asked Questions About Me Portraying Bruno Mars

Within the short period of time I’ve been doing this gig as an impersonator and look alike of Bruno Mars, I’ve experience many things I never thought I’d get to experience from making kids sing and dance to working with a destination management company providing corporate entertainment in Hawaii! Doing events has also given me the opportunity to also talk to lots of die-hard Bruno fans. His fans love to share with me their Bruno Mars stories or encounters they’ve had with him in the past as well as fans who surprisingly have questions for me regarding what I do. Many of these fans seem to share the same curiosity, asking questions I hear frequently, hence this blog! Although there are lots and lots of questions I get asked regarding me being a lookalike and impersonator, below I listed five of the most asked questions I get about me being a Bruno Mars Tribute Artist.

#5 – How Long Have You Been Singing For?

This is a debatable questions because I, like most people out there in the world have sang in the shower or in the car for fun, but I never considered myself a singer whatsoever. So, I say I officially started singing when I decided to pay attention to my vocals in September, 2017. That’s also when I decided I wanted to become a lookalike and impersonator of Bruno Mars. As of April, 2019, I now have 15 songs on my set list that I sing and most all are his top hits such as 24k Magic, Uptown Funk, That’s What I Like And Treasure. I’m continually working towards hitting his higher ranges with vocal exercises to be able to perform more of his songs.


#4 – What’s your favorite Bruno Mars Song To Perform To?

ALL OF THEM! Ha. Well, if there’s one I could choose from, I would say 24k Magic. This song to me is a party song and when I perform this, I have fun with it. This was the very first song I decided to sing and perform to when I started this gig in September, 2017. At that time, the 24k Magic song was just about a year old and it was still the hottest track out. I also created an outfit (which is my first outfit) I use to perform in and is inspired by the outfit worn by Bruno in the 24k Magic music video. From the white hat, colorful shirt, gold jewelry, black shorts, white loafers and perm I made sure to make it as believable as I could. On a side note, there hasn’t been an event I’ve done where this song has not been requested. This song is hot!

Corporate Entertainment Los Angeles

#3 – Is that your real hair?

Yes and no. (What!?)

Let me explain. I naturally have straight black hair and when I first started impersonating Bruno, I wore a wig to make the look more believable. Some of my first pictures taken I am wearing the wig. The first few performances the wig moved around, which meant I couldn’t give it my all without having to worry about the wig and hat falling off. It was a big pain in the butt, so I decided to make a commitment and take it to the next level… I got a perm!

So, yes, my real hair, but no, I don’t naturally have the luxurious curls you see because it’s a perm 🙂 –  The image below shows two pictures. The image above is how it looked when I was wearing the wig, the bottom image is me now with the perm.

* Pictured With Wig

Corporate Entertainment

* Pictured With Perm

#2 – What made you want to be an impersonator and look alike?

There are a lot of reasons as to why I wanted to become a Bruno Mars Tribute Artist. To make this short and sweet, I thought it would be a good idea to get into the celebrity look alike and impersonator industry and also be a corporate event entertainer to make people happy by not only making people believe they are in the presence of Bruno with the look, but by also singing and dancing like him to add to the experience. Seeing peoples reaction is what I love and it makes me happy to know I’m able to bring smiles to crowds and make them feel as if Bruno Mars is in the house!

corporate event entertainer

#1 – Have You Ever Met Bruno Mars?

Now, although this question isn’t really about me portraying Bruno per se, this is the number one question I get asked ALL the time at almost every event when portraying him. When people ask me this question, I answer it in the same way, “No, not yet.” Then I tell them, “I’m bound to meet him, I live in L.A., we live not even `15 minutes from each other, his record label and where he recorded his latest album 24k Magic is in the same city I live in, It’s a small world! I’m sure I’ll meet him some way, some how.”


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