Surviving As A Celebrity Impersonator During The Coronavirus Pandemic

I started performing live as a Bruno Mars Impersonator in September of 2017 and since then, business flowed steadily. From entertaining at local venues in Los Angeles to flights to major cities for birthday parties and corporate entertainment, things just kept moving up for me. As recent as March 2020, I was even speaking to someone at Legends In Concert, which is the longest-running show in Las Vegas, for a TV gig & an opportunity to have a shot at becoming a performer for the company. All of this in under three years. Then, the coronavirus happened.


During the last several months, I’ve definitely seen a drop in requests from corporate companies, brides and grooms for wedding receptions & private party requests like mansion parties & personal occasions. Most all events I do are large gatherings and because of COVID-19, most all requests have come to a complete halt, that is all but personalized video requests.

In 2018, I remember I started getting requests from Bruno Mars fans from all over the world who wanted me at their birthday parties. While, I knew it wasn’t going to be possible for them to book because of budget purposes, I started offering personalized videos and or personalized video performances, which was automatically a better solution. It was easier and less expensive for the client to have me create a video shout out or do a performance, just so long as I had a little notice. From then on, it’s become a popular alternative service I offer and is highly requested in the United States, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Japan and Philippines. I guess that’s where the major fans are!

Cut now to 2020. During the first several months (March, April, May, June), I decided I wouldn’t be offering video services because during that time, the studio I used for creating the personalized video performances had been closed due to the coronavirus. And it doesn’t mean I didn’t get requests, I got a ton, but unfortunately, I couldn’t provide anyone any videos because at the time, I wouldn’t have been able to provide the quality content I think every client deserves. Recently, I was made aware that the studio I use for creating video performances is now open and I’ve also moved into a new home with a better set up to do personalized video requests, so now it’s full steam ahead.

Always Time For Your Voice

While it’s very easy to get comfortable and not want to practice, eat healthy or stay in shape during these lock down times, I found I can’t afford it! People are still requesting for videos so my voice has to sound good. I am constantly reminded how great Bruno Mars is and hearing it gives me the drive to want to improve. While I don’t have over 30 years experience Bruno Mars has as a performer, I do have the hunger and desire to want to be better than I am today.  I usually practice a few times during the week, but the last several months since I had more time during quarantine, I stepped it up a notch. I’ve worked more on learning new vocal exercises, techniques and vocal health, which has definitely improved my sound. Who knew YouTube videos would help me with improving vocal range and techniques 🙂

While on YouTube, I’ve also spent more time just listening to Brunos voice. Now, I know vocally I can never sound exactly like him, but I do want to work on mimicking his voice, aside from singing. I’ve listened to every Bruno Mars interview found online about a zillion times to hear his vocal inflections and unique vocal signatures and characteristics and I find his voice to be funny. When I say funny, I mean funny in the sense that he goes into character voices at times when in interviews, which is something I do and makes it easier to understand what he’s doing. Example, he could be having a conversation in his normal voice and when making a certain comment like “You son of a b****”, in a joking manner of course, you hear his Puerto Rican side come out. A random example, but one you can use now when listening to his voice to try and catch his Puerto Rican side come out.

Out With The Mask

Whether it was going to the grocery store or something as simple as dropping off costumes needing cleaning at the dry cleaners, in my experience, wearing a mask just makes people think even more I might be Bruno Mars.

In the first experience I had when wearing a mask, I booked a room at a hotel in Santa Monica, CA to try & enjoy a change of scenery. I stayed inside the first day and decided the next day I’d go to the beach, take a walk around the block then get food. As I was walking around the block, a group of people in front of me about 40 feet away already noticed me and started chatting amongst each other and laughing in excitement. As soon as I walked by them, one of the girls made a sexually suggestive comment to her friend. I said to myself, “Seriously? How do I still look like Bruno Mars with a mask on?”

It’s nice to know that even with the mask, people still see Bruno and take pictures, even when all they really see is my poofy hair and sunglasses. To me, it’s free promotion, so take all the pictures you want.

In A Nutshell

While it is unfortunate that the event industry is suffering ( #saveevents ), an industry that I have had the pleasure of being a part of as a celebrity impersonator and that lots of people are still in quarantine, I am hopeful things will be back to some form of normality soon and can’t wait for that day to come. I am thankful to the Bruno Mars fans who have continued to request for my services during these times. If you’re looking Bruno Mars Impersonator, I’m just one click away from booking.

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