Top 10 Bruno Mars Wedding Songs

bruno mars wedding songs

For Bruno Mars Fans about to tie the knot, a Bruno Mars Wedding Song is a must to include in the wedding reception. Whether starting with 24k Magic or ending it with Just The Way You Are, there’s always something up Bruno’s sleeve for everyone to enjoy. If you need a little help finding out what the best songs to use at your wedding, check out this list of the Top 10 Bruno Mars Songs to play on your wedding day.

10. Locked Out of Heaven

If you’re looking for something more upbeat to keep your wedding flowing, this is a great song to use! Whether using the instrumental or the actual song, it’s sure to make the event a tab bit more energetic & exciting.

Tip: This song works great when making grand entrances. This high energy song can also be used in the background when making introductions.



Guys, want to show your lady how much you she means to you? Let her know you’ll catch a grenade for her with this song!

Tip: With good wedding coordination, this song can be used during Cocktail receptions, announcements and games or grand entrance introductions.


8. That’s What I Like

This song is what everybody likes! I’ve seen people sing along to this track and get down like there’s no tomorrow during the dance portion of the reception.

Tip: Perfect song for throwing in between music at any point when the dance floor is open to keeping the party on their feet and dancing.


7. Uptown Funk

To all Wedding DJs, when all other non Bruno Mars Songs playing at the wedding fail to get a reaction from the crowd, this should be your secret weapon. From little kids to grandparents, you’ll be able to get them all up, no words required from you necessary.

Tip: The secret weapon of choice for any Wedding DJ looking to get the crowd up off their feet. Use with caution as people tend to get crazy, down and funky. You have been warned.


6. 24k Magic

A must for any 24k magic wedding reception. When you need to get the party started at your wedding, this song is perfect. I also love the break in this song because it allows for a circle to be made on the dance floor to have guests get down and show off their stuff.

Tip: Great for getting people off their chairs and to the dance floor to get their boogie on. If you’ve got las vegas wedding reception ideas and thinking about heading there, no need to! This song will bring the LV flavor to the dance floor and make everyone feel fabulous !


5. Count On Me

While not as popular as the rest of Bruno Songs on this list, this song is still great for the bride and groom. I mean come on..”You can count on me like one two three I’ll be there. And I know when I need it I can count on you like four three two You’ll be there. ‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah

Tip: I love seeing this song when used for father and daughter dances, when they have words of appreciation and toasts.


4. Rest Of My Life

Not found in any of his albums, this unreleased song is gold!  With lyrics like,”As I stand here before my woman, I can’t fight back the tears in my eyes, Oh how could I be so lucky, I must’ve done something right, And I promise to love her for the rest of my life” this song is a must use at any wedding.

Tip: The perfect song to use when you want the focus on the solely on the bride and groom, like the first dance! This song will have people shedding a tear or two for sure.

3. Just The Way You Are

Since the release of the record in 2010, this multi-platinum song has wowed audience all over the world and continues to do so. These beautiful lyrics have been known to make people cry at weddings especially when the groom is singing it to his bridge.

Tip: Great song for using during the cutting of the cake, for the groom to sing before opening up the dance floor or to finish up the evening.


2. Treasure

Gentlemen, if you want the perfect song to sing for your soon to be wife, Treasure is it! With lyrics like, “You know you can make my wish come true, If you let me treasure you” well guarantee to leave an unforgettable smile on her face when she see’s you singing it on that special day.

Tip: Since this song is about two people, this song is great for using during the while making a grand entrance walking down the isle or making a classy, yet upbeat entrance to the reception after the ceremony.


1. Marry You

At number one, Marry you. This song is a highly requested gem at weddings that is perfect for using for pre-wedding activities, during the ceremony or at any point during the reception with creative event planners and coordinators. This song has been used many times for flash-mob marriage proposals, wedding entrances and receptions.

Tip: With great wedding planning, this song can be used in a wide variety of ways during many parts of the wedding.


A Very Special Note: This blog has been written by one who performs and sings these songs at weddings receptions as Bruno Mars! Want to complete the Bruno experience? Book The #1 Bruno Mars Look And Impersonator Today!

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